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Buzztime Trivia

Buzztime Trivia

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Video Lottery

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The Clubhouse has lots of games to choose from. No matter your skill level, all of the games here are for anybody. We Have Buzztime Trivia…a common favorite. What is Buzztime Trivia? It’s an Interactive Trivia and Texas Hold ‘Em game system that lets you compete with anyone from your friends sitting next to you to players across the country. Simply grab a playmaker, choose the game you want to play, and have fun. And best of all, it’s totally free.



Major League Baseball

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PBA Tour

All Your Favorite Sports

The Clubhouse is the place to watch your favorite team. We have over 20 TV’s, including 6 big screens, HDTV, and Direct TV with all MLB, NFL and NBA packages. You can be assured that the game you want to see is available here. With Direct TV you get the game you want with perfect picture and sound. Many games are also available in stunning High Definition TV (HDTV)! Don’t miss the games you want to see. Bring your friends, relax…and get comfortable.